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1Hi! Yes, i have this weird obsession with chalk markers. I’m Tammy from Chicago, ILL and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Check out the video’s too:)

Creating Handmade Buzz For Your Business With Chalk Markers

In recent years, a sidewalk chalkboard has become an increasingly common advertising tool for all sorts of small businesses. It’s a genuine asset that helps bring in customers, and it also gives you an outlet for creative expression. If you’d like to do a little chalkboard advertising of your own, all you need is a little time and a few good chalk markers to start out with.

3Do Some Experimentation To Find Your Style

It doesn’t take you much research at all to discover that there’s an amazing array of different markers available both online and in stores. When you’re just starting to dip your toes in this market, shopping in person at your local craft store is a great idea. You can get a tactile impression of the different brands available and learn first-hand what different tip sizes and shapes look like. Buy many different markers so that you have a nice range of possibilities to explore. Then you get to take your new markers for a spin! Play around to figure out how different markers treat you. You’ll also start to develop a feeling for your own style when it comes to making chalkboard displays. Do you like solid fields of color, or do you stick with simple linework? There are different tip styles available to suit your particular needs.

Buy Online To Save

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the way chalk markers work, you’ll be ready to start making regular purchases. Online ordering is definitely the way to go here. You’ll find that all of the best marker brands (including Chalk Ink, Marvy Bistro, and Uchida) are available online. You can buy quality markers from some manufacturers direct, while for others you’ll need to go through a third-party retailer. Besides savings, the other great advantage online ordering has is this: You get access to literally every color in the rainbow. This will allow you to use truly unique color combinations, something that can really make your business’s signage stand out. I buy my chalk markers here at Amazon.com.

The reason that chalkboard advertising has become so popular lately is because there are some true artists out there creating amazing examples. (It helps that the Internet makes these easy to share around the world, of course!) Don’t worry if your own skills seem deficient; every artist has to start somewhere. One of the great things about using chalk markers is that you can redo your work at any time. Try your hand at creating a new display every day in order to gain confidence and proficiency. Lettering can be a special challenge, but it too is susceptible to plenty of practice. Have patience and have faith in yourself; you’ll be producing truly eye-catching work faster than you think!Put In The Time – Practice Makes Perfect

As you gain confidence with your chalk markers, you’ll find yourself tackling more and more ambitious displays. It will also get easier to bring your creations to life, and the whole process will be faster and smoother. Once you get enough practice under your belt, your chalkboard drawings may become just as popular as the products you sell!


Chalk Markers Are Great For Activities Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Liquid chalk markers use a water based ink to produce effects that are just like old fashioned chalk. The difference is, they are easier and cleaner to use than chalk. The liquid chalk “paints” on smoother and there is no dust to deal with.

Most Chalk Pens Are Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic

If you are doing an art project with toddlers, you’ll want to double check that the markers you choose are non-toxic. Most are, and they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, glass, mirrors, windows and computer screens. The letters, numbers and pictures you create can be easily wiped away without a trace when you are ready to do away with them.

Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide

If you’d like something enjoyable to do with the children in your life, why not try chalk markers? There are lots of fun projects that can be done with these innovative art supplies. Here are a few great ideas you can try.

You can have lots of fun writing and making pictures and designs on full length mirrors. This activity can be both enjoyable and educational. You can make pictures, print, write in cursive and use a wide variety of colors.

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Decorate For The Holidays

You can decorate your windows using stencils that you can buy inexpensively at dollar stores or art stores. Change your window decoration with every season for year round fun.

Make Your Refrigerator Unique

Instead of putting markers on your refrigerator, you and your little charges can draw pictures on it. Some great ideas include favorite foods and drinks, plans for outings and so on. Just your your imagination for great results.

Create Murals And Stimulate Discussion

Of course, you can also use chalk markers to write or draw on paper. You can use over-sized tablets or paper rolls to create large pictures and murals. Drawing pictures of your day is a fun project that will encourage kids to talk about the events of the day.

Give A Great Gift!

Liquid chalk markers are lots of good clean fun for you and the entire family. They’re also great stocking stuffers! Why not give them a try during the holiday season?